Training with E-Colours
What are your E-Colours?


Leadership and engagement are the top two concerns for organisations. Having an intelligent and emotionally invested workforce motivated to perform leads to higher productivity, less turnover of staff and greater loyalty. Guided by a client’s own mission, vision, values and strategies,

E-Colours heightens awareness of leadership styles, establishes elevated levels of trust among team members, transforms employees and managers into leaders, and harnesses diverse personalities for enhanced performance.


Diversity and Inclusion in the workforce brings about competitive benefits, including increased innovation, market share and lower turnover of staff. Our personality diversity expertise helps eradicate ingrained prejudices, unconscious biases and micro-inequalities that make communication and teamwork difficult.

With a realisation that we don’t all think and act the same, individuals are able to be more inclusive and better manage ingrained prejudices, snap judgments and unconscious biases.


Successful communication comes from collective understanding. When people communicate with conscious intent and clarity, the result is fewer misunderstandings, increased trust and improved collaboration.

Equilibria helps people become intentional communicators by heightening awareness and understanding of different behavioral tendencies and communication styles, developing personal speaking and listening skills and cultivating specific practices that enhance communication.


E-Colours has been actively researching how personality tendencies impact risk management and safety since 2004. Based on more the than 250 000 surveys, we know how different individuals take risks. This knowledge allows us to predict risky behaviour and coach organisations on how to heighten awareness on any situation and mitigate errors.

The understanding and management of different personality styles sets the foundation for a strong safety culture.


Whether in a business or in a social setting, the power to articulate, persuade and influence commitment in others often impacts overall effectiveness and desired results. Equilibria improves the ability to persuade others by encouraging a understanding of one’s own influencing style and recognising the unique styles of others.

Our process helps individuals learn what it takes for different styles of personality to commit and how to influence decision making for positive outcomes.


While we are excited to see the Shifts in Performance happening in people and teams as we facilitate the necessary changes and workshops, there is often a genuine need to extend our services into the coaching and mentoring facet.

To keep the newly acquired knowledge front of mind and to provide the framework for the new skillset to be established and secured, this is an effective way to manage the investment of personal growth.